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DHS History

The Current High School 

In the late 1960's the citizens of Dora saw the need to generate interest in buying property for a school site. A drive for property funds was headed by graduates of the school who feared that their alma mater would be lost if it were constructed outside Dora. A door-to-door campaign was successful. Within five days more than $7500 was raised to buy the 35-acre campus (on Glenn C. Gant Drive)—and thus deed it to the Walker County Board of Education. Sparks Construction Company of Jasper was the contractor, and the new school was built and dedicated in 1969. The two-story split-level modern brick structure included modern teaching aids and an auditorium-gymnasium combination.
Approximately 550 students had enrolled in grades 10-12 when the school opened its doors for the first time. Glenn C. Gant was principal, and Asa Bobo, Clell York, and J.B. McCrary were trustees.
The new football stadium was named Roberts Field—honoring the memory of Horace Roberts. Horace was an outstanding Dora area citizen and a member of the Walker County Board of Education.
Glenn C. Gant was followed by Bill Moore in 1973, who was followed by Jim Crump in 1975. In 1979, under Jim Crump's leadership, Dora High School received Accreditation. Trustees were Ralph Parker, Jerry Tuggle, and Rabon Watson.